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Digital Lineart
Just a simple digital lineart
Digital colored
Made using colors 3D on my Nintendo 3DS.  Shading will be included



Marc-Anthony Rivera
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm just a Canadian Who draws and takes photos of action figures.

-I don't requests anymore
-I do commissions (but i'm not that good)
-I do trades
-Feel free to ask me anything
-Don't be afraid to ask if you want to draw my OC's

I love Anime, Manga, Music, Video games, Action figures, Eating and sleeping. I sleep a lot and I'm an uncle to 2 kids. I am single (The friendzone has become my natural habitat) I always try to give encouragement to people and I am a nice person. I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome when I was 10 but I was at a higher functioning level. I always try my best and I'm not one to give up easily.
I have completely run out of ideas of what to draw....

  • Listening to: Vocaloid and music from Videogames
  • Reading: Fruits basket
  • Watching: Anime
  • Playing: Fighting games
  • Eating: MEAT!!!
  • Drinking: Water


Sayako ver.2
An updated look for my OC Sayako.

Name: Sayako

Age: 124

Personality: Tough, Mature, Reckless

Appearance: Dark blue kimono,  Scar on left eye, Geta sandals

Likes: Hot springs, fighting, sake, dumplings

Dislikes: Bandits, those who prey on the weak, perverts, cowards, Prostitutes, Being mistaken for a prostitute

Weapons: Chi no ken (sword of blood),  Akuma no ude (arm of the demon), Tamashii no me (eye of souls)

Sayako is an assassin who hunts bandits and thieves after her family was killed by bandits at a young age and had her left arm cut off and her left eye slashed out.  She was saved by a one armed wandering samurai named Kenji who trained her in swordplay.  She is feared by many and Is known among bandits who run at the sight of her face.  Sayako may look aggressive, but she is a mature women.  She is reasonable and would prefer to avoid starting unnecessary fights, unless they are bandits.  She despises bandits and will slaughter them without a second thought, mostly to prevent what happened to her as a child from happening to anyone else.  When Sayako fights, it's best you run because she uses the field around her to her advantage.  Fighting in a village WILL cause major damage (reckless isn't she?) She joined Sumaru and his brother Kogara after Sumaru defeated her in a duel.  She has seen countless battles, killed hundreds of bandits and has been hired to assassinate many warlords.

Sayako is in possession of not one, not two, but Three weapons known as Oni Arms.  Powerful weapons crafted by an Oni blacksmith with 30 known to exist. 

The Chi no Ken is a sword that is permanently stained with the blood of everyone she killed.  The souls of the ones she killed will always cry in agony when the blade is drawn,  The last man to wield that blade lost his sanity and killed himself with the blade.  In exchange for blood of her enemies, the sword grants her unbelievable cutting power and speed.  As a last resort Sayako will stab her own leg to let the sword absorb her own blood to gain more power.   

The Oni no Ude is powerful weapon that resembles a demonic arm.  This arm can rip through people and armor like wet paper and can also block swords and makes its user immune to poison.  the arm also makes its wielders body much more durable, capable of shrugging off massive impacts.  But the arm slowly corrupts the users mind to give in to the psychotic killer within them.  this weapon is one Sayako only uses as a trump card. 

The Tamashii no Me is an eye that can see into the souls and memories of those she looks at, she could even learn their fighting style and mimic it. the eye also gave her regenerative abilities, allowing her to survive mortal wounds and diseases.  Of all the Oni Arms this one is the only one that has a price. The price was that her lifespan would be greatly expanded beyond what any human is capable of and her aging would slowed down to a halt, cursed to walk the earth for thousands and thousands of years, never to reunite with her deceased loved ones.  The eye cannot be removed by anyone, it can only be removed if she is killed, but due to the powers of the Tamashii no Me makes killing her VERY difficult.  



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